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Relish Delights from Fast Food Takeaways near Russell Square Hotels

Relish Delights from Fast Food Takeaways near Russell Square Hotels

London city is packed to the brim with finest restaurants, a delight for all the food lovers out there. Join in various fast food joints in the city for a quick bite of your preferred junk food. Visitors in haste at any hour of the day can gorge in these delights at a plethora of finest fast food takeaways. Travellers will bump into many of these eateries near their Russell Square hotels. A complete value for your money, these fast food takeaways are a treat for all. Have a look at some of these in Russell Square:

Cafe Kaati

Titillate your taste buds with the flavours of spicy and exotic Indian cuisines. This Indian takeaway restaurant arrives with succulent handmade wraps sought after by all sorts of travellers. The quality cuisines served are prepared with the use of fresh ingredients and seasonal produce, much to the pleasure of its guests. Some of the foods worth sampling are its spicy curries, kathi rolls, platters among many others. A small snug seating area also adorns this place for relishing your meal. This restaurant is worth visiting from all accounts, the only drawback being the fact that it remains closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Dome Pizzeria

Riving ton House is the place to track down this eatery. Tuck away delicious hot pizzas prepared from freshly made dough and seasoned with exotic toppings. The place does not relent on its quality and makes thriving use of fresh ingredients imported from many countries around the globe. The fare go generously well with your pocket. Delivery services are also available for the customers residing in nearby areas from this eatery.

Goldfish Chinese Restaurant

This is an quintessential Asian eatery at High Hampstead Road in capital city. The contemporary sleek surroundings invite you to refine your taste buds with wholesome Chinese delicacies. Gorge on tantalising dishes from its avant garden menu to classics dim sums. Travellers can either enjoy their food in the restaurant or avail the services of take away.

With so much variety to choose from, travellers are definitely spoilt for a choice.

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